Buena Suerte Investments Limited

Buena Suerte Ltd, Buena Suerte is a multidisciplinary firm dedicated to; consulting, Research and capacity development. We provide evidence based capacity development tailored to the local context. We are committed to delivering high quality and innovative development and social investment programmes that are underpinned by deep contextual knowledge and technical expertise. Buena Suerte’s training program aims to prepare trainees to become specialist and skilled who integrate their knowledge of the relevant sectors with their mastery of procedural skills to deliver highly professional care to the wider community.

Buena Suerte focuses on maximizing quality, impact, and responsiveness while minimizing risk in all our social performance and development programmes for private and public sector clients.

We believe that efficient social performance for the private sector must address corporate needs of maximizing benefit while minimizing risks. We help all public/private sector clients to realize the win-win scenario of corporate benefit and local impact.


To improve lives through evidence-based programmes that deliver impact. We are committed to delivering high quality and innovative development and social investment programmes that are client driven.


To provide an efficient, effective, innovative and timely sustainable development services that improves livelihood of our clients.

Our Core Values

Values that drive us to sustainable community development

We believe the most effective programs must be contextually innovative and evidence-based. Buena Suerte Investments limited delivers technical expertise, strong operational and management approaches, and a culture of continual learning to develop the most effective results-driven programs.

We believe the way to achieve sustainable development is to be in full and mutual partnership with local people, organizations and governments. Buena Suerte Investments works with all partners without regard to race, religion, politics, gender or sexual orientation.

We conduct all financial and programmatic matters with transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness. Buena Suerte Investments is a responsible, reliable, and wise steward of all resources it receives and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and financial standards.

Our Strength

Utilizes inputs from a group of seasoned, sound, and dependable professionals. Its operations always reflect the following strengths:

  • Strong practical experiences backed by intimate familiarity with evolving development concepts and theories.
  • Updated sector knowledge including the incumbent policies, programs, institutions, and relevant stakeholders.
  • In-depth understanding about the vital community based development program dynamics and program management factors of the government, private sectors, and NGOs.

Strong background and skills in the areas like project management, policy analysis, sector analysis, program based study/ research, OR type study, survey, evaluation, and situation analysis techniques.

Buena Suertee Investments

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