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Social Investments

Through the Social Investments approach, Buena Suerte Investments Limited will facilitate the following activities in order to achieve the outcomes its intended vision and mission:

Buena Suerte Investments’ vision “drive to sustainable community development cannot be achieved in isolation from. Needs and solutions must be identified in conjunction with partners and community members, and informed by evidence and expertise. Partnership working will ensure that:

  • Priorities will be informed by the intelligence of partners and local knowledge (including research, analysis of local data, and community feedback).
  • A wide range of individuals will be recruited to the Governance and decision making structures based on skills, experience and knowledge.
  • Capacity Building will be delivered in conjunction with volunteers and other support agencies to enhance the impact and sustainability of organisations through support with business planning, income generation, governance, demonstrating impact.

Buena Suerte’s Social Investment functionalities

The management of the Buena Suerte Investments offers skills and knowledge in tackling poverty, investment provision, and local resources in tackling poverty eradication. Buena Suerte Investments already has a strong mechanism for Strategic Partnership working and joined up community based working. The Social Investment plan will added to the existing partnership working in Buena Suerte Investments in ensuring that evidence of local poverty need is sought; priorities relating to poverty are aligned; and efforts are coordinated and not duplicated.

Buena Suerte’s Social Investments Commissioning:

To ensure a proactive approach to tackling poverty, services and interventions will be commissioned in partnership with other commissioning bodies and informed expertise in the field. To identify which interventions will have the biggest impact on poverty in communities, the following sources of information will be utilised:

  • Buena Suerte Investments Partnership strategic plan
  • Local needs analysis (Locality plans)
  • Feedback from Community consultation

Drawing on this information, existing thematic groups and other partnerships within Buena Suerte will be asked to make recommendations to the Social Investment for interventions.

Capacity Building on social investments:

Sustainability will be enhanced through capacity building support for business planning, income generation, governance, and demonstrating impact. This will draw on partnership working on local strengths in order that:

  • More local need will be met.
  • Community resilience is enhanced.
  • Greater equity of enterprise development.

Strategic Outcomes on social investments

Poverty is one of the most complex challenges facing the world today with no easy solution. There are numerous trends which compound and make the challenge still more complex. A recent publication ‘We can solve poverty in the UK’ draws on in-depth research to provide recommendations for how this could be achieved. The comprehensive strategy identifies 5 main drivers to eradicating poverty:

  • Boost incomes and reduce costs;
  • Improve education standards and raise skills;
  • Strengthen families and communities;
  • Promote long-term economic growth benefiting everyone;
  • Deliver an effective benefit system.

It is proposed that the Social Investment Model aligns its outcomes to the first four drivers. The fifth driver is deemed out of scope of the influence of the Social Investment, although supporting individuals to access appropriate benefits may be an area of consideration for investment. It is recommended that core business uses its influencing power to affect change for an effective benefit system.

Buena Suerte Investments identifies a number of secondary outcomes which research shows will have the biggest impact on poverty. These will be cross referenced and prioritised against the needs specifically through local needs analysis, community feedback and consultation with those working in other sectors. The Social Investment team will be responsible for analysing this mapping data and declaring the specific secondary outcomes for investment each year. In addition, the Social Investment team will utilise its connectivity to influence and raise the profile of issues.

Our Program on Social Investments.

Buena Suerte Investments supports range of social investments programs; we support business plan development for small and medium enterprises. We Finance some of the small and medium enterprises, facilitate capacity building through training to transfer skills, innovative technologies to addressing some of the challenges faced by communities in rural areas in Adjumani District.

In Pakele Sub County, Adjumani District, we support individuals both financially and skills transfer on enterprises such as selling of clothes, business plan development and financial management; in Adropi sub County, we support enterprises on Boutique and social infrastructure development. We support the development of local artists to promote information sharing on agriculture and agribusiness and support on transport enterprises through provision boda boda motor cycles.


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