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Project Management

Social performance is core to business, but running development programmes is not most organization’s core business. Buena Surete Investments uniquely offers variety of opportunities with a deep appreciation of the programme scoping and design process, wide contextual knowledge of likely operating environments, and with shared private sector ethos of efficiency, responsiveness and the need to add value.  We therefore ensure that, as is the case with other types of investment, social investment brings in the highest possible rates of return with risk reduction and high profits.

Our project management services include:

  1. Management and technical personnel sourcing and project staffing – with emphasis on a combination of high technical quality, language ability and local knowledge.
  2. Service delivery, including, but not limited to, Agribusiness, farmers training, education materials supply, Agriculture tools & input supply, essential skills training, livelihoods and project design, monitoring and evaluation.
  3. In-house project monitoring, performance tracking and financial management expertise, ensuring delivery on time and on budget.
  4. Management of sub-grant portfolios to local organizations and beneficiary groups, combining tight financial controls with capacity support and appropriate systems.
  5. Programme governance, government liaison and community engagement for multi-stakeholder input and constant improvement.

We manage Agriculture for sustainable rural development programme in Adjumani district.  Our clients in these programmes have therefore benefitted from the added value of our long-term contextual knowledge of these settings and institutional knowledge of their social impact and corporate goals.  Unlike many other social performance advisory consultancies, Buena Suerte Investments offers all clients this ‘one stop shop’ option through our ability to implement the programmes we assess, research and design on our clients’ behalf.

Buena Suerte Investments is implementing a major base-level entrepreneurship project in Equatorial Guinea through value chain upgrading and direct support to new and existing base-level entrepreneurs.

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