Buena Suerte Investments Limited
is a Multidisciplinary Investment, Consulting, Research,
social communication, training and Data management agency.

Job Creation

We empower youths in Job Creation

Watch a brief video about our operations. We are looking forward to hearing from you on how we can work together to achieve sustainable development in our community
The Buena Suerte Investments Company limited is managed by 15 full time staff in Office with number casual laborers that are recruited on demand during field activities

Recent News & Events

Catch up with whats happening in and around us
  • The State of Food and Agriculture -FAO
    The State of Food and Agriculture -FAO Agriculture is underperforming in many developing countries for a number of reasons. Among these is the fact that women lack…
  • Entreprenuership and Enterprises
    Entreprenuership and Enterprises Buena Suerte Investments work in enterprise ranges from rural livelihoods and resilience building to business incubation and private sector development.…
  • Project Management
    Project Management Social performance is core to business, but running development programmes is not most organization’s core business. Buena Surete Investments uniquely…
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