What we do

We drive Sustainable Community Development

  • Entreprenuership and Enterprises
    Entreprenuership and Enterprises Buena Suerte Investments work in enterprise ranges from rural livelihoods and resilience building to business incubation and private sector development.…
  • Project Management
    Project Management Social performance is core to business, but running development programmes is not most organization’s core business. Buena Surete Investments uniquely…
  • Procurement and Supply Management
    Procurement and Supply Management Over the last few years, the areas of logistics, purchasing and supply have received a lot of attention and rightly…
  • Social Investments
    Social Investments Through the Social Investments approach, Buena Suerte Investments Limited will facilitate the following activities in order to achieve the outcomes…
  • Agriculture
    Agriculture The government of Uganda introduced a Plan for Modernization of Agriculture (PMA), designed as a strategic framework for eradicating poverty…
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