Research & Program Evaluation

measurable indicators, rigorous information collection, insightful performance analysis

Buena Suerte offers a full suite of innovative and flexible methodologies and has particular expertise in applying these methods creatively to match the specific need and audience. We help clients develop measurable indicators, rigorous information collection, insightful performance analysis, and program effectiveness to drive informed decisions on issues that matter profoundly to their success.


Our research staff takes pride in improving health and livelihood outcomes with novel solutions for the most pressing problems.

Buena Suerte offers expertise in areas ranging from agriculture & Agric-business practices, behavioral science and biostatistics to epidemiology, among many others.

Collecting data is only the first step. We build information systems, integrate disparate sources, and most importantly make data available to decision-makers in a timely and intuitive manner.

We know what makes a research project or health/livelihood/agriculture program succeed, and can identify innovation opportunities that suits local context.

We isolate initiatives with the greatest potential impact, using a variety of methods:

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